December 6 - 7, 2016


Newport Beach, CA


2 Days


Over 20 Professional Speakers

About Cyclitech

Cyclitech is the first international conference on bicycle technology. Co-organized by JEC Group and SPE, these two-days of conferences offer a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about the latest bicycle technologies.

The first edition took place on 8-9 December 2015, in Brussels, Belgium. With over 35 international speakers and 170 participants, it offered a comprehensive program covering widespread topics such as an overview of materials and processes dedicated to bicycle frames, the latest trends in design and innovation and of course the ever-present challenges of increasing performance without sacrificing safety. Experts from Cervelo, Time Sport International, KTM Technologies, Rolo Bikes, and more. delivered top-level speeches and the panel involving professional cyclist Jurgen Van de Walle generated much enthusiasm, making it clear a second edition would be very welcome.

First Day

  • Optimizing Racing Bikes Performances: Design
  • Optimizing Racing Bikes Performances: Safety
  • Non-destructive Testing and Quality Control of Bike Parts

Second Day

  • Advancements in Manufacturing Processes: Towards Mass Production of Leisure and Urban Bikes
  • The Challenges of Repairing and Recycling Carbon Fiber Frames
  • Trends in Electric Bikes Design


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Conference Schedule

Welcome Breakfast / Introduction

Keynote Speech
Simplifying Design Regulations - Not a Simple Job

  • Current position
  • Safety versus design regulations
  • Implications of change
  • Concerns, progress, etc.

Session 1: Optimizing Racing Bikes Performances: Design

Connecting Bike Design in a Computer Environment with Materials Production

  • Impact performance: Increased durability of composite parts
  • Simulations and calculations
  • Weight optimization while maintaining performance levels
  • Real life examples from existing customers

Facing the Challenges of Computational Composite Bike Frame Optimization

  • Strength and stiffness optimization
  • Introducing streamlined workflow
  • Ensuring manufacturable design

Networking Break

Durability of Composite Road Racing Bicycles

  • Factoring durability in the challenges of using carbon fiber in bike frames
  • Issues and solutions provided by experience at Cervélo

Composite Prepregs Offering Improved Toughness, Impact and Consistency

  • Including greater toughness or impact performance
  • Increasing the consistency of part manufacturing processes

Lunch Break

Keynote Speech
Limits and Opportunities in Competition Sports

  • Challenging already established safety and security criteria with respect to equipment, protections and competition facilities
  • Performance driven technological innovations

Session 2: Optimizing Racing Bikes Performances: Safety

FEA Optimization for Weight, Safety, and Rapid Market Response

  • Excess material removed for weight
  • Impact failure prediction for safety
  • Rapid design for Fast market response

Materials Designed for Safety

  • Mitigating fracture propagation
  • Stree cycle and life cycle
  • Energy absorption and dissipation

Significantly Lowering Risks on Severe Head Injuries: Helmet Safety Initiative

  • Helmet safety standards are old
  • Severe head injury risks are still high
  • Voluntary limits are the solution

Aero Helmet Optimization for Record Setting Speed

  • Carbon optimization for aerodynamics
  • Carbon optimization for energy management
  • Carbon Optimization for weight reduction

Ductile Composites and the Road to Safe Carbon Bicycles

  • Stiffness and low weight characteristic of traditional carbon fiber composites, but with plastic deformation similarly to metals
  • Absorbing large amounts of energy

Networking Break

Session 3: Non-destructive Testing and Quality Control of Bike Parts

Optimization of CFRP Bicycle Frame Laminates Through Simplified, Real-world Testing Aided by Digital Image Correlation

  • Alternative to traditional testing of uni-tape with smooth coupons
  • Comparisons of localized, full-field, and far field strain
  • Assessing laminate response from the structural level under real-world loadings

Ultrasonic Inspection of In-service Composite Bicycles andComponents

  • Ultrasonic inspection flaw detection
  • In service data since 2009
  • Rider safety

Near-to-reality Endurance Testing of Bikes

  • Relevant external forces
  • Relevant stiffness parameters
  • Life time estimation

Influence of Damage on the Mechanical Behavior of Racing CF Bicycle Frames

  • Carbon composite racing bicycles
  • Damage tolerance
  • Stiffness and strength

Special Keynote Speech

Greg LeMond, Tour de France Winner and Founder at LeMond Composites

Networking Reception

Keynote Speech
A Path For Composites

  • Current materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Direction for future composites

Session 4: Advancements in Manufacturing Processes: Towards Mass Production of Leisure and Urban Bikes

Composite Manufacturing/Design Defects: What is Observed, Avoiding Them

  • How manufacturing/design defects exist
  • How these can easily be avoided
  • Why it is critical that they are avoided

Networking Break

Selecting Thermoplastic Materials for Performance, Cost, and Feel

  • Property data vs product performance
  • Cost considerations
  • The importance of feel

Non-linear Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Fiber Composite Material for Virtual Prototype Analysis Considering the Manufacturing Process

  • Accurate post-processing methods
  • Insuring correspondence between the simulation and the real dynamic event like impact or large deformations

Lunch Break

Keynote Speech
CFSMC as Materials For the Future

  • Forged composites technology
  • Future of volume composite applications
  • Complex three-dimensional architectures

Session 5: The Challenges of Repairing and Recycling Carbon Fiber Frames

Bike Frames: Repair and Control

  • Repairs
  • Active (pulsed) Thermography
  • Mechanical stress tests

Repairing Carbon Bicycle Frames

  • Choosing the right method for repair processes
  • Choosing appropiate materials
  • Repair cycle times and integrity check

Structural Repair on Carbon Fiber Bicycles

  • Taking into account the fiber orientation design of the component and the type of material that was originally used
  • Developing repair methods that will restore the component's original design without compromising its structural integrity

Low-cost Chemistry Based Recycling for Bicycle Composites

  • Addressing the economic disadvantages of virgin carbon fiber
  • Recycling carbon fiber using chemistry based processing

Networking Break

Session 6: Trends in Electric Bikes Design

Future of Electrically Assisted Bicycles from a User Perspective

  • Optimizing e-bikes
  • Benefits of using composites for light-weight e-bikes

Smart Bikes in Mobility

  • Electric bikes: solution for mobility
  • Innovation possibilities
  • Smart bikes should be better bikes

Closing Remarks

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Testimonials from Cyclitech 2015

“Great presentations by Hervé Servignat (Time Sport International, France), Pascal Joubert des Ouches (Chomarat France) and Leif Ickert (Evonik, Germany).”
“Phil White (Cervélo, Canada) did a good job of introducing what the industry currently needs to be looking into.”
“Everything was very satisfactory and interesting.”
“The mix of topics was very good: from academia to material suppliers to producers, and design and construction to specific parts.”

Survey / Results

89% of the participants found the conference content good or excellent.

97% of the audience was satisfied with the networking opportunities provided during the event

Over 90% of the participants enjoyed the dedicated networking reception

Photos from Cyclitech 2015

Event Location

Newport Beach
Marriott Hotel & Spa

900 Newport Center Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660 California, US

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